Haier Tv 50 inch Instant LCD TELEVISION Review

The Haier Tv 50 inch Instant LCD TELEVISION is a seven inch portable TV that allows you to watch your favorite shows wherever you are, be it at your front yard, in your bath tub, or at the beach. If the kids are on the TV, you can still watch the sports funnel from your portable 7 inch HLT71.

It has a built-in tuner with a completely haier tv 50 inch removable antenna. A fluffy reception doesn’t necessarily mean that your unit is substandard. Portable Television sets are dependent on the effectiveness of your signal in your location.

You can connect the unit to other machines with a video or audio jack. You can use the built in speakers or your headset if you want you don’t want the actual to disturb other people in the room.

The battery is good for about 2 and a half hours, sufficient time to watch your favorite Tv show. You can charge the batteries from your own home electrical outlet on your car. It also includes a remote control.


It’s very quick and easy to use so you won’t even need to study the manual to begin deploying it.

It’s very slim and easy fold, the way a portable TV should be.

Aside from having its own antenna, you can also plug it into your cable connection.

As soon as you turn the Haier HLT71 7-Inch Instant LCD TELEVISION on, it will scan for channels when you press the button, and it decide to utilization in about a minute only. You may then discover that the display quality is preferable to other portable Television sets in the market. It’s just like a little version of your big TV.


Reception is sometimes weak and you’ll have to proceed to another location to get a better signal.

The antenna that accompany the unit can pick up a few channels, if you want more, you can get yourself a better antenna and get a few more or dozens more of channels depending on the strength and quality of the antenna you get.

Sometimes the signal strength depends on your location. It doesn’t mean that your unit is broken.

It’s a handy gadget to have around particularly when you’re travelling so you can watch your Television shows in a high-def portable TV.

It’s easy fold and won’t be tiring to hold. It also includes a stand if you don’t want to hold on to it. You can set it on your table or any flat work surface.

You get loud sound too although the Haier HLT71 7-Inch Instant LCD TELEVISION is small.

If you are still having problems with reception after buying a better antenna, you should think about using an HIGH DEFINITION antenna that can receive both VHF and UHF signals.

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